BFH Trailer Analysis

  1. That’s not a jet, it’s a single seat propeller plane armed with two gun-pods and two missiles.
  2. Dodge Challenger
  3. SUV with mounted gun, user is exposed when using it.
  4. MD 520N chopper, or something resembling it. It also seems to be equipped with a turret underneath mounting a rotary cannon that’s probably controlled by a passenger.
  5. Logo for a ford Mustang can be seen in the opening seconds of the video. and the car is driven by Mendoza
  6. Cavallo bikes, made by a Chinese manufacturer.
Weapons and gadgets:
  1. G36 with a beta C-mag, some of you might know it as the MG36. The back post of the iron sight doesn’t seem to be the regular back post that most/all G36 rifles use.
  2. Lots of footage of the HK45c being in use
  3. Grappling hook shot from a little canon
  4. Beretta 93R seem to be in the game but the footage that shows it does not show it firing in burst, only in single fire mode.
  5. Front end of the SIG P226 (or a variant) can be seen on the loadout screen.
  6. Multiple weapons are shown on the loadout section but with the names not matching the pictures beside it.
  7. Ghost ring equipped on a Beretta.
  8. Sawed off Remington 870, longer than the Serbu Super Shorty in Battlefield 4 (also based on the Remington 870).
  9. single player, seems like you can throw a rock to distract enemies.
  10. multiple loadouts for each class can be seen.
  11. unlocks seem to be based on money, meaning gun might be purchased in any order rather than unlocked sequentially.
  12. Mendoza’s scanner seem to be like Recker’s tactical binocular