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Game Modes


In Heist Mode the thieves objective is to rob the bank and the SWAT team have to defend it, in the trailer we see them using explosives set out in a circular pattern which is something you arm in the same way you would arm an MCOM.

Knowing your surroundings is key to success in Battlefield Hardline. There are cleverly placed Battle Pickups on the roofs and window-washing carts, and you can use the city’s rooftops to zipline across to victory. There’s also a helicopter on a nearby roof that the criminals can use to secure the bag of money. Find it and use it first! Oh, and one good strategy when playing on the Police side, is to defend the Escape Points if the Criminals have cracked the vaults.


Rescue is a traditional rescue the hostage mode which you would see in games like Counter strike. The cops objective is to rescue the hostages before the time runs out and the robbers have to kill all the cops or stall them for long enough to win, this could potentially be Battlefield Hardlines competitive mode, however it remains to be seen how well the game will be balanced for this mode with all it’s weapons and gadgets.

Hot Wire

In hotwire the robbers have to outrun the cops, my guess is that they have to get from checkpoint to checkpoint in order to survive while the cops chase them across the map.


Blood money

A fast paced battle over a huge pile of money to get it back to their safehouse. To me this mode seems like a lot of fun, I can definately see a lot of crazy chases going on in this mode as well as some awesome palys when you all try to go in to get the cash, it has a focus on defending the central cash pile as well as making sure to cover your team mates who are collecting money.

Want to dominate in Blood Money? When you are collecting cash at the money pile or the vaults, it’s a good idea to have some teammates around you. The collecting speed will increase when your team mates are nearby. Working as a team is also a good idea when entering the enemy’s vault area. Roll a crew into the enemy nest and clean out their stash!


Overall they have added a lot of really cool and new game modes which is something I feel battlefield has needed for a while, lets hope they still include the more traditional modes that people are familiar with like domination, team deathmatch and rush.


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