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Details about the Single Player Campaign emerging

Visceral Games’ cop-drama take on EA army shooter franchise was delayed into 2015, primarily over issues with the online multiplayer experience that simply went through a beta in June (but other voices say also from the lukewarm reception and the record low pre-orders). What about the single player campaign?

While the extra time working on Hardline is probably useful to polish the product, it looks like the main story of Hardline is almost complete. Wendy Calhoun (author and producer of Nashville, Justified and other famous TV series) is aboard as a story consultant , bringing alongside Bill Johnson as director. Battlefield Hardline  story is going to be a thrilling story about a cop who get frame and fight underground to clear his identity (giving the player the possibility to play in different scenarious and angles as cop as well as robber).

“We begin off with the narrative of two cops who’re good cops, and one actually desires to show himself,” Calhoun explained. “Eventually the tables turn on them, and they are set up by another group and become criminals themselves. They’ve got to fight their way out of prison, and turn the tables on the people who put them there.”

In a video shown at Comic-Con 2014, Hardline appears to feature a star cast, with Eugene Byrd (from Bones) and Kelly Hu (Nash Bridges, and whose voice acting include Batman: Arkham Origins) in major roles. Benito Martinez is also starring in Hardline.

The video shows cops in urban operations as well as out in “desert, Breaking Bad meth country,” in the words of creative director Ian Milham. It appears an undercover team led by Nick (the protagonist) disrupts a large cocaine warehouse controlled by Roark, a crime lord played by Mark Rolston, who was PI Gordie Liman on The Shield. That’s the moment where the player gets framed and turns to the underworld to straighten things out.

“Shows where there’s always a thin line between the protagonist and antagonist,” are Calhoun’s favorite to write, she told the panel. “You’ve got to love your villain like he’s a hero.” The difference [in writing] this, it was really a head-twister, but I love it: You, the gamer, are the hero,” Calhoun said. “Now it’s a 3D world that you’re taking the audience and dropping them into. I have to remember that you, the audience member, you’re that character. It’s very different from TV and film.”

About the delay,  Milham repeated it’s been delayed “to early 2015.” Johnson, the performance director, said “We’re really happy about that, to get much more time,” though it’s unclear what else that means for the singleplayer scenes.

“The delay is a real blessing, because over time, games are living longer and you only get one chance to come out,” Milham said.

When it launches, Battlefield Hardline will be available on PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Windows PC, Xbox 360 and Xbox One.

Map Layouts of the Upcoming BF4 DLC Dragon’s Teeth

The layouts of 3 maps of the next Battlefield 4 DLC Dragon’s Teeth have been leaked online. If you want to CSI-enhance them, you can also donwload the high resolutions pics here.

Lumphini Garden

Cruise with fast-moving PWC’s on the canals in the pristine park to get the upper hand in the blazing infantry battle of Lumphini Garden.

Pearl Market

Wage wars within the bustling alleyways and upon the rooftops of Pearl Market.

Sunken Dragon

Wreak havoc in a floating restaurant or drain the lake opening up for a frontal vehicle assault, all while the battle rages between the modern high rises of Sunken Dragon.

Interesting points on Hardline

An old Battlefield Veteran on Reddit expressed some very well thought opinion on Battlefield Hardline:

I’m a longtime Battlefield veteran who’s played every game in the series starting with 1942, including about 500 hours in BC2, over 600 hours in BF3, 170 hours in Battlefield 4, and about 25 hours in the Hardline Beta. I think it’s time to get my thoughts down and provide some constructive feedback on this beta for the developers.

The Good Things:

  • The gunplay is excellent. The recoil, spread, and suppression are in a very nice place. I feel like I can “outshoot” lesser skilled players when given the opportunity. You are rewarded for good aim, controlling recoil, and fast reflexes. This is the single best thing about the game, in my opinion. Don’t screw it up.
  • Firefights feel very fair. Even at only 10hz, I rarely feel cheated when I die. I don’t seem to die around corners as much as BF4, nor get 1-shot as much. When I die, it’s usually because I got surprised or missed my shot. Encounters feel less random and therefore a lot less frustrating than BF4.
  • I really like the civilian cars and bikes. They are great for transport, but aren’t safe havens from damage. I like that I can kill a car with an AR. I also like how they are just kind of randomly thrown around the place instead of always having to get one from your spawn. It lets you decide on the fly if you make a break for that car/bike or run for it on foot. Leaning out the window is also a great addition.
  • I like the money system for buying weapons, attachments, and gadgets. It’s a lot better than grinding through a bunch of stuff you don’t want just to get your to your favorites.
  • Ziplines and Grappling Hooks are great.
  • Blood Money is a lot fun. It’s fast and different.

The Easy Fixes:

  • The counterattack trucks are too tough to kill. They take 4 RPGs to blow up, the same as a main battle tank in BF4, and don’t even have a rear weak spot. Tossing a grenade at one often does more damage than an RPG. Increase RPG damage to 35 or create a 50 damage weak point.
  • Survivalist gadget is overpowered. It’s an incredible ability that obsoletes other gadgets. Either rework it or scrap it.
  • 1 hit kills from the revive pen also need to go away. They completely eliminate the risk/reward of trying a knife takedown.
  • Attack helis are too tough to deal with. Either make the glass non-bulletproof or make them as weak to small arms as cars. A skilled pilot is almost impossible to shoot down right now.
  • The screen shakes entirely too much and for too long when the crane falls. It’s super annoying and unrealistic.

The Big Problem:

The one thing everyone keeps harping on is that it feels like BF4 DLC and isn’t worth $60. I’m sure the folks at Visceral grate their teeth every time they have to read that, but there’s a reason it gives that impression. It’s because everywhere you look, you can see BF4 poking out. Everything from the minimap, the HUD, the weapons, the attachments, the spawn screen, the gadgets, the vaulting and reload animations, and even the classes are direct carbon copies of BF4. If this game is going to be a stand-alone success Visceral has to address this concern.

My Suggestions:

  • Scrap the existing classes and rework them into four (or 5, or 6, or 7) new classes. You can call it “Operator” all you want, but if it has assault rifles, med kits, and revives, it’s still Assault. Create new classes with new roles. Look to hollywood and other genres to find those roles for criminals and cops. Criminal classes like hacker, maniac, burglar, and goon might be worth checking out. Maybe even ditch classes altogether and go with several different predefined “loadouts” instead, or something else outside the Battlefield formula.
  • Get rid of (almost) every gun, attachment, and gadget that’s in BF4. Either replace them with original and more appropriate counterparts, or again, ditch the whole system and figure out something new. BF4’s attachment/gadget system is a mess with many items being functionally identical. More is not always better. Streamline it and make it unique.
  • Get a new minimap and HUD. BF4’s minimap is widely considered one of the worst ever. Take this opportunity to maybe return to one like 2142 or come up with something new. Anything is better than a copy of BF4. In this case, just being different is being better because it makes it look less like a copy/paste of BF4.
  • Make (most of) the weapons and gadgets team-specific. In Blood Money I start running to the wrong vault half the time because I forget which team I’m on. Really try to differentiate the two teams. It makes no sense for cops to use AKs, RPGs, and sawed-off shotguns, for example. It doesn’t even have to be perfectly balanced if they have different strengths and weaknesses. Maybe have the cops excel at longer ranges and defensive tactics (like riot shields) while the criminals are better up close and reckless (like molotovs). Make the different teams require players to play differently and adjust their tactics. This would also help further separate the game from BF4.
  • Come up with some kind of new major game mechanic. (I know, easy right?) As much as all BF players hate everything CoD, you have to admit that Kill Streaks represent something uniquely CoD. They make a CoD game feel like a CoD game. Hardline needs something that’s uniquely Hardline. Something that doesn’t feel like BF4. Game modes and “themes” aren’t going to cut it. It needs a major game mechanic that sets it apart from the other Battlefield games. I won’t even dare make a suggestion as to what that might be. It’s not something you can just toss out off the top of your head, but you have to come up with something.

Wrapping it up:

To me, Hardline feels like a game with an identity crisis. What is it trying to be? Battlefield is about mixed arms combat on a huge scale. That’s obviously not Hardline’s identity. So what is it? Is it a “CoD killer” that’s trying to be a fast-paced, action-packed, arcade shooter? Is it trying to be some amazing lovechild of Battlefield, Payday, and Grand Theft Auto? If so, where is the inspiration from those other games? When I look at Hardline, I don’t see them poking out. All I can see in this Beta is a whole lot of reskinned BF4. I have absolutely no desire to play a single-player campaign, and based on this multiplayer beta, I can say for sure that I will NOT be buying BF Hardline. If you can’t sell a core customer like me on this game, you’re going to have a hard time selling it to anyone else. Hopefully, Visceral can differentiate the game from BF4 and find it’s identity and I will change my mind. Good luck, guys.

Weapons and accessories

Weapons Names
  • AKM
  • Ballistic Shield
  • Baseball Bat
  • Breaching Charge
  • CR_SurvivalList
  • Deployable Camera
  • FIM92A
  • G36C
  • Gas Grenade
  • Grapple Hook
  • Grenade M67
  • HKS_45C
  • ICS9
  • Knife
  • Laser Trip Mine
  • M16A4
  • M40A5
  • M9
  • MG36
  • P90
  • PTI91
  • Police Baton
  • RPG7
  • Repair Tool
  • SAIGA308
  • SBS12 Short
  • SW38
  • TaserGun
  • Tech 9
  • UMP45
  • ZipLineGun
  • 870P
Weapons Accessories Unlocks
  • ACOG
  • Bipod
  • CP1 Prismatic
  • Compact 4X
  • Compensator
  • Coyotee
  • DeltaPoint
  • EOTech
  • ExtendedMag
  • FlashLight
  • Flash Suppressor
  • ForeGrip Angeled
  • ForeGrip Ergo
  • ForeGrip
  • ForeGrip Potato
  • ForeGrip Russian Folding
  • ForeGrip Studd
  • Ghost Ring
  • Heavy Barrel
  • Iron Sights
  • Kobra
  • M145
  • Muzzle Break
  • Optics Default
  • PKA
  • PKS07
  • PK AS
  • PSO
  • Pistol Laser Red
  • RMR
  • RX01
  • Straight Pull Bolt
  • Suppressor FH762MG
  • Suppressor Minimonster
  • Tactical Light
  • Target Pointer
  • Trubrite
  • Vision King