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Camera 8Bit App Retro Famicam64 Commodore Style Photo 2bit

Famicam64 is a retro-themed camera app, and positions itself as an ‘arcadey’ alternative to Retrospecs’ ‘simulation.’

Coming from PXL:Artificer, Famicam64 draws inspiration from the classic Commodore 64 not only with its branding and name but also the aesthetic of the interface itself.
Proudly displaying yellowing plastic and blocky, colourful menu images that look like they’ve ripped straight from any US Gold or Rainbow Arts title, Famicom64 allows users to snap images with any one of over 40 real-time filters that range from a fantastic oscilloscope to retro systems like the Gameboy and Atari 2600.

Perhaps the best thing about Famicam64 is the bundled image editor that allows you to do all the usual adjustments, such as cropping and changing brightness, pixel density and effect intensity.
Meme text, adding game-themed sprites and effects are also supported. Not only this, Famicam64 comes with a host of fun frames that will let you turn your retro snaps into floppy disk labels, cartridge stickers or even faux Commodore 64 game boxes. Famicam64 is a great app and adds a new dimension to the camera functionality on your iOS device.
It isn’t historically accurate, but it is an awesome new addition to the ever-growing stable of retro-inspired camera filter applications for mobile devices.

Famicam64 is free to download from the App Store!

Famicam 64 – 8bit retrogaming pixel art photo app for iOS

Nowadays it’s all about the highest possible resolution and the most realistic 3D graphics.
But there was a time when each single pixel on the screen was important: that was the nostalgic 8-bit era…

Say Hello to Famicam 64: the most realistic and full-featured 8-bit RetroGaming Camera Suite!

With more than 40 real-time filters, adjustable parameters and classic retro palettes from the most iconic computers and game consoles, Famicam 64 allows you to capture the best looking 8-bit pictures ever.

… and it’s not just a simple camera app… It’s a complete 8bit Photo Editing Suite with a set of modules to enhance your photos including:
DRAW: to pixel-sketch on your photo with different colors, effects and retro brushes
TEXT: to add captions with awesome 8-bit and retro fonts
SPRITES: with +350 retro-inspired stickers
FRAMES: to turn your photos in old game covers or an old CRT screen

If you grow up loading games from floppies (or through a tape recorder) and you’re nostalgic for your childhood… or just love the fantastic pixelated aesthetics and colors of the era, this is the app you can’t miss.

Retro-inspired user interface in the Classic yellowed computer plastic
More than 40 non-destructive real-time filters, with fully adjustable custom parameters, inspired by the most iconic retro computers, consoles and games… From “Tennis for Two” oscilloscope experiments and text based adventures to the last home computers and handheld consoles (and much more!).
Drawing module to pixel-sketch your photo with different colors, effects, retro brushes, color selector and picker.
+350 8bit Sprites, divided into categories (emoticons, monsters, weapons, objects, etc.) to enhance your image and create awesome retro-gaming visual stories to share with your friends.
Awesome Custom Frames simulating retro game covers, magazines, floppy, cartridges or CRT screens.
Pixelated and nostalgic fonts and styles to caption your moments
iOS Native Share to instantly send your creation to any app you use (Facebook, WhatsApp, Snapchat, Tumblr and… Wherever else you like!

Be proud of the origins of computing… Get Famicam 64 Today and re-start the 8bit revolution!

Events for Destiny – IOS and Android App just released

Check out the Best companion app for Destiny, Events for Destiny available for iOS and Android.
Some of the features:
Visual Timer   See exactly when an Event might spawn with our Visual Timers.

Vendor Refresh  Check out when the Vendors in the Tower are refreshing their inventories.

Xur in the Tower  Can’t wait to spend your strange coins? We’re also keeping track of Xur!

In your Time Zone! Was that 9AM or 9PM? PDT or EST Timezone? Don’t worry, all the timers are automatically converted in your Time Zone!

Simplified Maps See where the Public Events are happening in our simplified and easy to read maps.

…and it’s FREE


Details about the Single Player Campaign emerging

Visceral Games’ cop-drama take on EA army shooter franchise was delayed into 2015, primarily over issues with the online multiplayer experience that simply went through a beta in June (but other voices say also from the lukewarm reception and the record low pre-orders). What about the single player campaign?

While the extra time working on Hardline is probably useful to polish the product, it looks like the main story of Hardline is almost complete. Wendy Calhoun (author and producer of Nashville, Justified and other famous TV series) is aboard as a story consultant , bringing alongside Bill Johnson as director. Battlefield Hardline  story is going to be a thrilling story about a cop who get frame and fight underground to clear his identity (giving the player the possibility to play in different scenarious and angles as cop as well as robber).

“We begin off with the narrative of two cops who’re good cops, and one actually desires to show himself,” Calhoun explained. “Eventually the tables turn on them, and they are set up by another group and become criminals themselves. They’ve got to fight their way out of prison, and turn the tables on the people who put them there.”

In a video shown at Comic-Con 2014, Hardline appears to feature a star cast, with Eugene Byrd (from Bones) and Kelly Hu (Nash Bridges, and whose voice acting include Batman: Arkham Origins) in major roles. Benito Martinez is also starring in Hardline.

The video shows cops in urban operations as well as out in “desert, Breaking Bad meth country,” in the words of creative director Ian Milham. It appears an undercover team led by Nick (the protagonist) disrupts a large cocaine warehouse controlled by Roark, a crime lord played by Mark Rolston, who was PI Gordie Liman on The Shield. That’s the moment where the player gets framed and turns to the underworld to straighten things out.

“Shows where there’s always a thin line between the protagonist and antagonist,” are Calhoun’s favorite to write, she told the panel. “You’ve got to love your villain like he’s a hero.” The difference [in writing] this, it was really a head-twister, but I love it: You, the gamer, are the hero,” Calhoun said. “Now it’s a 3D world that you’re taking the audience and dropping them into. I have to remember that you, the audience member, you’re that character. It’s very different from TV and film.”

About the delay,  Milham repeated it’s been delayed “to early 2015.” Johnson, the performance director, said “We’re really happy about that, to get much more time,” though it’s unclear what else that means for the singleplayer scenes.

“The delay is a real blessing, because over time, games are living longer and you only get one chance to come out,” Milham said.

When it launches, Battlefield Hardline will be available on PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Windows PC, Xbox 360 and Xbox One.